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Document type: Trabalho de Conclusão de Residência
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Title: Conservative surgical approach for the treatment of odontogenic keratocyst
Author: Oliveira, Letycia Maria Lopes de
First Advisor: Paulo, Luiz Fernando Barbosa de
First member of the Committee: Miranda, Rafael Resende de
Second member of the Committee: Marques, Késia Lara dos Santos
Summary: Introduction: The odontogenic keratocyst was recently reclassified in 2017 by the World Health Organization as a cystic lesion of epithelial development derived from the enamel organ or the dental lamina. It shows common characteristics to cysts such as slow and continuous growth; however, it arouses attention for its high aggressiveness and recurrence rate. Objective: To show marsupialization followed by enucleation as a definitive treatment of odontogenic keratocysts. Clinical case: A 63-year-oldwoman with odontogenic keratocyst on the left side of the mandible, treated by the marsupialization technique followed by enucleation. Conclusions: Although there are various treatment options, the dental surgeon may prefer the conservative method in the approach of the odontogenic keratocyst, because it presents the lowest rate of morbidity and relapse within the standards presented in the literature.
Keywords: Odontogenic cysts
Oral surgery
Oral diagnosis
Language: eng
Country: Brasil
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
Quote: OLIVEIRA, Letycia Maria Lopes. Conservative surgical approach for the treatment of odontogenic keratocyst. 2018. 8 f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Residência (Residência em área de saúde multiprofissional com atenção em oncologia) - Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. 2018.
Date of defense: 2-Feb-2018
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